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Albemarle Regional Health Services - Call to make sure your monitoring reports are being received. Contact in the Environmental Health Division is David Swinney (252-338-4490).

Bord Na Mona - Manufacturer for the Puraflo Peat Biofilter.

Dare County Health Department - Call to make sure your monitoring reports are being received. Contacts in the Environmental Health Division are Rob Crawford and Elizabeth Morey (252-475-5080).

EPA - EPA furnishes additional information to the homeowner about septic systems about their care and maintenance. Governmental Regulations for wastewater treatment standards, which are specifically found in 40 CFR Ch. 1.

EPA - In addition, to governmental regulations, there is an abundant source of information available to business and homeowners with on-site decentralized wastewater treatment systems (also known as Type IV, V, and VI). The following publications are recommended for review:

  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems
  • Decentralized Systems Technology Sheet-Septic Tank Leaching Chamber
  • Decentralized Systems Technology Sheet-Septic Tank Systems for Large Flow Applications
  • Decentralized Systems Technology Sheet-Septic Tank-Soil Absorption Systems
  • Decentralized Systems Technology Sheet-Small Gravity Sewers
  • Decentralized Systems Technology Sheet-Types of Filters
  • Decentralized Systems Technology Sheet-Low Pressure Pipe Systems
  • Decentralized Systems Technology Sheet-Septic System Tank
  • Decentralized Systems Technology Sheet-Aerobic Treatment
  • Collection Systems Technology Fact Sheet-Sewer, Lift Station

NCDEHNR - You may access the NC Administrative Code and Procedures for Assignment of Water Quality Standards Applicable to Surface Waters and Wetlands.

  • NCDEHNR is the agency that authorizes individuals with the local health departments to function as agents for the State and enforce rules under the DEHNR.
  • NCDEHNR is the agency where experimental and innovative wastewater treatment systems are reviewed and piloted. Under Rule .1969, this grants this agency the authority to pilot experimental wastewater treatment systems and stipulate the operations and maintenance of these systems throughout Approval Process. There is a current list available for the Experimental and Innovative Systems currently being reviewed in North Carolina. One system with local roots is the Peat Biofilter system (Puraflo and Eco-flow).
  • NCDEHNR, Onsite Wastewater Section-- .

NC Division of Water Quality - Check out our Wastewater Credentials. Grade I & II Wastewater Treatment Plant Certificate #13424 and Subsurface Certificate #15439. There is also a Certified Operator List. If Perry Environmental is not your Wastewater Operator, please make sure your current Operator is on this list.

NC Electrical Board - Check out our credentials. License is issued to Perry Environmental & Associates, LLC with Stacy Aaron Perry as a qualifier. Electrical License number is 19677-L.

  • Side Note: If anyone makes electrical repairs to your wastewater treatment system, please make sure they have an electrical license for your protection.

NC General Statues - Laws and Rules for Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems which specifically is Article 11, Chapter 130A of NCGS 15A NCAC 18A .1900 et seq.

North Carolina State University

Norweco - Manufacturer for the Singulair Biokinetic Wastewater Treatment System, Bio-Sanitizer and Bio-Neutralizer Systems.

Premier Tech - Manufacturer for the Ecoflo Peat Biofilter.

Town of Nags Head -
Nags Head Septic Health Initiative
Todd Krafft
PO Box 99
Nags Head, NC 27959
ph: 252-449-6047

WPCSOCC - Division of NCDEHNR, which is responsible for the following:

  • Classifying water pollution control systems
  • Certifying Operators
  • Requiring Certified Operators for classified systems (Refer to What are IV, V, VI Wastewater Treatment Systems?)
  • Facilitate training for Operators
  • Provide technical assistance to Operators
  • Enforcement of Operators-Pending disciplinary actions for certified Operators
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