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  • Inspection of Conventional Septic Systems.

  • Contracted with the Town of Nags Head to inspect conventional septic systems under the Nags Head Septic Health Initiative. Please visit the Town of Nags Head's Website for more information.

  • Wastewater Treatment System Operator for Type IV, V, VI Wastewater Treatment Systems and Grade I & II Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  • Installation of Wastewater Pumps and Control Panels for new construction. Perry Environmental usually functions as a subcontractor for Robertson Repair, Coastal Ready Mix Concrete and Ray Casper & Sons Septic Tank Service in these new install situations.
  • Troubleshooting and Repairs for Type IV, V, VI Wastewater Treatment Systems and Grade I & II Wastewater Treatment Plants that are aging and failing.
  • Troubleshooting and Repairs for other Wastewater Operators on the Outer Banks.

General Fees

Base fee for semi-annual inspections. Single-Family and Residential Low Pressure Pipe (LPP) systems are covered by this fee. Systems must be located in Dare and Currituck counties.

Base fee for semi-annual inspection of Peat Biofilter, which includes the Puraflo and Ecoflo Peat Biofilter Wastewater Treatment System. These systems need to be located in Dare and Currituck counties for this fee to apply.

Call for Quote
Pricing varies for Commercial and Aerated Treatment Systems. Requirements stipulated in the operations permit need to be considered before offering a quote to operate these systems. Please use the contact form or call for a quote.

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